About Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is a electricity generator and energy retailer. It is one of New Zealand's largest energy companies, with a total capacity of 1891 MW of electricity generation, and a retail business providing electricity and gas to homes and businesses throughout the country. For more detailed information please visit our company profile: About Genesis Energy NZ

Genesis Energy generates power from more sources than any other electricity generator in New Zealand (thermal, hydro, and wind). More information about our generation assets can be found here.

Since 2006, solar installations have been given free of charge to selected leading schools across New Zealand through the ground-breaking Schoolgen Programme - this is one of our key Community Investments.

Sustainability at Genesis Energy

To Genesis Energy, sustainability is about ensuring our business is viable for the long term, delivers value to our shareholders, and contributes lasting benefits to society. We adopt a holistic approach that requires an understanding of our impact on people and the environment and that incorporates consideration of social, economic and environmental risks and benefits into our business decision making.

Genesis Energy recognises that the more it can embed sustainability into its core business activities, the better prepared it will be to ride the waves of change in tomorrow's world.

Our response to Climate Change

As a major supplier and retailer of electricity in New Zealand, Genesis Energy is very conscious of the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, and we know that we play a key role in helping New Zealand meet its climate change objectives.

Genesis Energy's major carbon dioxide emissions come from our generation at Huntly Power Station, New Zealand's largest thermal (coal and gas burning) power station. We recognise that although Huntly emits the most carbon in our business, every aspect of our operations create greenhouse gas emissions, from the vehicles our staff use to travel between sites to waste management practices in our offices.

Our big challenge and what our whole team works towards every day is how we can best balance our impact on the environment with the country's demand for energy. We need to make sure that New Zealand has a secure supply of energy and that at the same time, our resources are managed in a sustainable way.


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