Best of Mean Green House

The best projects, showcased below, paid attention to the Project Guide and showed clear evidence of:

  • Research to gather ideas for their design from different sources
  • Understanding of the reasons why the designs work to reduce energy usage
  • Creativity in combining their own ideas along with practical considerations
  • Careful drawings, with the plans including scale, measurements and orientations
  • Construction of a to-scale model house
  • Presentation of their work in an informative and engaging manner through a 5 minute video

Primary School Winners (Year 5-6)

2016 - Hillcrest Normal School: Arlo Oliver, Isla Wilkinson, Alena Zhu


2015 - Paparoa Street School: Eli Holmnowsky, Henry Wilson, Noah Kember


2014 - Waterloo Primary: Sakura Gregory, Milly Kneale, Brianna Mackenzie


2013 - Wainuiomata Primary School (First equal)


2013 - Stanley Bay School (First equal)

2012 - Muritai Primary School - overall winner


Intermediate School Winners (Year 7-8)

2014 - Raroa Intermediate School: Liv Sinclair, Emma Brown, Carlos Mendonca


2015 - St Kentigern's: Chris Dirks, Chris Manning


2013 - Clifton Terrace Model School (First equal)


2013 - Ngatea School (First equal)

2011 -  Muritai School (Year 7/8 syndicate)


Winners Video 2011


Secondary School Winners (Year 9-10)

2016 - St Kentigern College in Auckland: Chris Dirks


2015 - Rangiora New Life School: Meighan Weber, Josh Miller, Zachary Taylor


2014 - Rangitoto College: Anna Leat, Hayley Hedges-Fickling, Zoe Wilson


2013 - Sacred Heart College, Auckland