Community Start

Welcome to the Schoolgen Community

Genesis Energy believes in making a real and positive difference to the community which our customers are a part of.

Schools are an integral part of every community, and provide a critical function in educating our young people so that they can grow into confident, informed and engaged citizens; able to respond to the challenges that the future will bring.

Energy, electrical energy in particular, is a crucial aspect of that future.

Schoolgen Helps Schools

Schoolgen helps schools, by providing solar panels to generate a portion of their own electricity as well as educational tools for teachers and students to learn about energy and sustainable solutions for the future.

The Schoolgen community, by the end of 2016, comprised 92 “Schoolgen Lead Schools” with photovoltaic arrays of between 2 and 30 kilowatts of power generation capacity. Each kilowatt of capacity can be expected to generate about 1250 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy per year.

Data is continually collected from each installation and made available on the Schoolgen website for educational use.

Schools are supported by two dedicated energy educators as part of a shared agreement to integrate renewable energy and energy efficiency into the schools educational program.