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      Graph and compare solar electricity generation for up to 5 schools at a time. Select from over 90 schools around New Zealand.

      To compare apples-with-apples it is recommended to choose solar arrays of the same size (ie 2 kW, 4 kW, 10 kW or larger).

      The amount of electricity generated from the sun can be compared for any specific day, week, month or year in the Schoolgen database (which goes back to February 2007).

      Investigate the effect of differences in season, latitude, roof/panel direction, panel tilt angle and weather conditions on solar electricity production across New Zealand!

      More advanced students can also download data for further processing in Microsoft Excel (this data also includes solar radiation data from nearby weather stations).

      How do we compare to Australian Solar Schools?

      Select Australian schools with similar sized arrays to compare how location and other factors affect the generation from solar panels!

      Compare Australian Solar Schools.

      For further information on the solar data please see the Solar Energy Data page.