Super Solar Awards

What are the Super Solar Awards?

The Schoolgen Super Solar Awards, started in 2012, are awarded to schools already in the Schoolgen Programme. The Schoolgen Super Solar Awards provides a progressive and holistic framework for students and teachers to engage fully in what Schoolgen has to offer, and to move the whole school and its community forward in the sustainable use of our countries energy resources.

Go for Gold!

The Awards have three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, which will take a committed school a minimum of one year to achieve each level.There are 3 major parts or 'strands' to each level of the Super Solar Award. These strands are:

  • Informing
  • Empowering
  • Educating
  • Taking Action.

Schools have to provide evidence of meeting the criteria within each strand to achieve the Award.

Informing ensures that knowledge about the schools generation of its own renewable energy through the photovoltaic system given to them by Genesis Energy is communicated to the whole school.

Empowering provides leadership opportunites to students who wish to contribute to a better future for the planet, as well as professional development for teachers to learn more about energy generation and sustainability.

Educating requires that the in-depth teaching and learning resources created by expert energy educators for Genesis Energy are utilised within the school learning environment.

Taking Action fits with the inquiry-learning basis of the Schoolgen programme- where knowledge and understanding is used as a basis for informed decison making that makes a real difference in the school and the wider community.

First School to gain Super Solar Bronze!

Clifton Terrace Model School!