A group of seven young people aged six to 15 have stolen the limelight in the new School-gen maker-videos which go live with the launch of the new School-gen website.

Each of the seven take on the role of ‘young energy scientist’ as they show how to do a cool energy activity. The videos show how to make a wind turbine, sun inclinometer, hydro turbine, solar pizza oven and a house with lighted windows using a paper circuit.

Maia, the youngest of the energy scientist loved having a go with the help of Portia.

“It was actually pretty easy to put the hydro turbine together with the help of Portia. And I loved making it go really fast under the tap,” said Maia.

According to School-gen educator, Rob Duff, the videos are there to give an overview of the activities.

“Kids, parents, teachers can watch the video and then use the ‘Maker Steps’ instructions to do the activity. We’ve also provided teacher resources that support the activity and go more detail, for example providing curriculum links,” said Duff.

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