Matamata Primary School - Hamilton - 2 kw

Matamata Primary School is a Year 1 - 6, co-educational primary with over 435 students. It is situated in the Waikato's prominent rural township of Matamata and has been offering a quality education to the generations of families that live in the local community.

Matamata Primary is proud of its heritage of providing a life-skills based curriculum with an emphasis on education in the outdoors. This naturally led to teaching environmental education principles and subsequently becoming involved in the Enviroschool programme.

Learning about ‘Precious Energy’ is a significant part of the Enviroschool curriculum. The Schoolgen resource provides the students with an authentic context to learn about sustainable energy use, energy efficiency and solar energy.

Principal Carolyn Osborne acknowledges that involvement with Genesis Energy's Schoolgen programme provides a significant opportunity for Matamata Primary students.

‘Our students can now to immerse themselves in the global issue of energy consumption and the development of sustainable forms of energy. They can develop a deeper understanding of the impact we are having on our environment and explore alternative forms of renewable energy. This is fundamental in assisting them with future decisions that will affect their family, their town and their world.’

kWh electricity generated
kg CO2 saved
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kWh electricity consumed
kg CO2 emitted
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of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... Personal Computers
*running continuously for 1 month
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of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... 42-inch Plasma TVs*
*running continuously for 1 month
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