Miramar North Primary School - Wellington City - 4 kW

Our school was established in 1939, and is nestled inside the northern end of the Miramar Peninsula of Wellington. It is in a valley covered with native bush, where the tui and fantail are seen and heard. Around our neck of the woods can also be seen the growing film industry.

It is our goal to develop students who will:

  • Recognise the need to be guardians of their environment
  • Be open & sensitive to the needs, values & unique qualities of others
  • Have a well-developed sense of self worth
  • Experience the benefits of being active citizens within their community
  • Begin to develop an understanding of how integrated and closely connected our world is
  • Experience what it is to be a creative thinker and have opportunities to share their creative ideas and innovations
  • We are thrilled that our school has been chosen as a Schoolgen School, providing us with a real chance to cultivate environmentally aware thinking and behaviour. This is our next step in Miramar North School’s journey towards a more sustainable future for our students, providing them with the knowledge and understanding to be energy efficient and responsible guardians of our environment.

    kWh electricity generated
    kg CO2 saved
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    kWh electricity consumed
    kg CO2 emitted
    ... tonnes
    of CO2 saved
    from emission
    Equivalent to
    ... kms
    of driving
    ... kWh
    of electricity generated
    Enough to Power
    ... Personal Computers
    *running continuously for 1 month
    ... kWh
    of electricity generated
    Enough to Power
    ... 42-inch Plasma TVs*
    *running continuously for 1 month
    Type of school:
    Date of PV installation:
    Type of panels:
    Size of individual panels:
    Number of panels:
    Output capacity of a single panel:
    Output capacity of a PV system:
    Inverter size:
    Location of panels:
    Direction of the roof:
    Pitch of the roof:
    Pitch of the panels:
    Nearest weather station: