Northland Primary School - Wellington City - 4 kw

Northland School is a full primary school, incorporating Years One to Eight. We are situated on Te Ahumairangi Hill (Tinakori Hill) overlooking Wellington City and its harbour.

Northland School is a place where children, parents and teachers, together create an environment which supports and encourages the development and learning of each child for life.

Our Values

  • A commitment to high standards of personal achievement
  • Independent and self-motivated learning and thinking
  • A commitment to working co-operatively creativity and risk-taking
  • The development of positive personal qualities building relationships across the school
  • A strong relationship with its community
  • An inclusive and open atmosphere accepting of difference and valuing diversity
  • A commitment to caring for the environment Northland School became a Schoolgen school in 2014.

Through dedication and hard work over the past two years, Northland School was awarded its Bronze award in July 2016. This was a huge achievement for the school, and we are very proud of the efforts from the Schoolgen Lead Team, students and staff in working to achieve this. The Schoolgen Lead team are now focused on working towards the Silver Award, and helping our school to become more energy efficient.

kWh electricity generated
kg CO2 saved
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kWh electricity consumed
kg CO2 emitted
... tonnes
of CO2 saved
from emission
Equivalent to
... kms
of driving
... kWh
of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... Personal Computers
*running continuously for 1 month
... kWh
of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... 42-inch Plasma TVs*
*running continuously for 1 month
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Date of PV installation:
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