Pakuranga College - Howick - 2 kW

This year, we start our eleventh year of partnership with Genesis Energy in the Schoolgen program. We continue to strive to make a difference within our school. Upon achieving the Super Solar Silver Award at the end of last year - the first high school to do so. Our group continues to grow in number each year, and our committed members attend meetings and are active in our Schoolgen journey.
We are further educating the students and teachers about our energy usage and its impact. At the moment, we are in the process of implementing a solar/renewable energy study in our year 9 social studies programme. Beyond our school community we have strong ties with Wakaaranga Primary School. We run an annual Energy workshop with the Year 6s, as we have done for the last three years. Both the students of Pakuranga College and Wakaaranga Primary are excited to grow this relationship. We hope to visit more primary schools, such as Owairoa and Pigeon Mountain.

"This year (2016) we traveled to Wakaaranga Primary School to educate their Year 3's about energy. We found it very fun educating all the children because they were so enthusiastic with the activity stations we provided to learn about the different stages of energy." - Tanya Murali

*** NEW for 2016! As a reward for gaining the Bronze Super Solar Award at the end of 2015- we have been given new energy monitoring - now we can see exactly how much electricity our solar panels are generating AND how much electricity we take from the National Grid to run our English Block on which the panels are located.***


kWh electricity generated
kg CO2 saved
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kWh electricity consumed
kg CO2 emitted
... tonnes
of CO2 saved
from emission
Equivalent to
... kms
of driving
... kWh
of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... Personal Computers
*running continuously for 1 month
... kWh
of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... 42-inch Plasma TVs*
*running continuously for 1 month
Type of school:
Date of PV installation:
Type of panels:
Size of individual panels:
Number of panels:
Output capacity of a single panel:
Output capacity of a PV system:
Inverter size:
Location of panels:
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Pitch of the panels:
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