St Leo's Catholic - 3 kW

St Leo's Catholic School is a small Catholic School in Devonport, providing a quality education for children in Years 1-6. The school has a rich history which was founded by the Mercy Sisters in 1893.

At St Leo's we follow the Mercy Values of; Panekiritanga - Excellence, Aroha - Compassion, Manaakitanga - Hospitality, Te Tapu o Tangata - Respect, Rato - Service and Tika - Justice. Within our caring and nurturing atmosphere, Mercy Values are taught and lived, and a concern for others and caring for our environment is expected.

With the support of Genesis Energy we will strive to learn how to become more sustainable in our energy use. We will show manaakitanga and te tapu o te tangata towards each other and our environment, as we take on the responsibility of helping our environment through renewable energy use.

We are excited to be part of the Schoolgen programme where we can follow how much solar energy we are producing, and look at ways to become more energy efficient.

This graph below uses the latest technology to show live solar generation AND how much electricity the school is using from the grid down to the last 5 minutes! Note: The solar data only starts from 22nd of March 2016 but the inverter shows 450 kWh of generation before this date.

3 kW solar PV system. Student roll ~90.

Direction of panels: North 21 degrees East. Pitch of the panels: 10 degrees.

kWh electricity generated
kg CO2 saved
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kWh electricity consumed
kg CO2 emitted
... tonnes
of CO2 saved
from emission
Equivalent to
... kms
of driving
... kWh
of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... Personal Computers
*running continuously for 1 month
... kWh
of electricity generated
Enough to Power
... 42-inch Plasma TVs*
*running continuously for 1 month
Type of school:
Date of PV installation:
Type of panels:
Size of individual panels:
Number of panels:
Output capacity of a single panel:
Output capacity of a PV system:
Inverter size:
Location of panels:
Direction of the roof:
Pitch of the roof:
Pitch of the panels:
Nearest weather station: