Mean Green House Winners 2016

A very big "Well Done!" to all the schools and students who put so much effort and dedication into their Mean Green House Designs. Thank you for sharing your learning and passion for sustainable design with us all - you have obviously learnt so much in the process about energy-efficient house design and using solar energy effectively.

And now to the winners! Schoolgen are very happy to announce the following schools who have won their sections of the Mean Green House Competition for 2016. Please check out their awesome creations and lively presentations in the videos below.

  • Primary Schools: Hillcrest Normal
  • Intermediate Schools: Hutt Valley Intermediate
  • Secondary School: St Kentigerns College

Each school wins a class set of Edison v2 robots from Mindkits for students to investigate coding and STEM. Each student winner will also recieve their very own Edison robot as well. Maybe they will work out how to solar power it!

Secondary School Winners (Year 9-10)

St Kentigern College in Auckland - Chris Dirks!


Intermediate School Winners (Year 7-8)

Hutt Intermediate in Lower Hutt, Wellington - Milla Walton-France, Lisa Dao, Laura Chalmers

<video not currently available>

Primary School Winners (Year 5-6)

Hillcrest Normal School - Arlo Oliver, Isla Wilkinson, Alena Zhu

How did we Judge the entries?

To judge the best entries we used the criteria which were set out in the 'Instructions for Students/Teachers' on the Schoolgen website. 

The winning entries paid attention to these criteria and showed clear evidence of:

  • Research to gather ideas for their design from different sources
  • Understanding of the reasons why the designs work to reduce energy usage
  • Creativity in combining their own ideas along with practical considerations
  • Careful drawings, with the plans including scale, measurements and orientations
  • Construction of a to-scale model house
  • Presentation of their work in an informative and engaging manner through a 5 minute video