What do tuataras, renewable electricity and carbon footprints have in common? They are all covered in new resources we’ve just added on the School-Gen website.

To find them, go to Teach & Learn, then Resources (or click this link) – and check out the resources available under each of the different year levels. We’ve worked with teachers to create these, so they link into the New Zealand curriculum nicely. The new resources we are added are:

– How Tuatara use sun for energy
– Renewable vs non renewable resources
– Solar Data – What can it show us?
– How do we keep our living room warm?
– Design an efficient house
– What’s my carbon footprint
– Renewable electricity from solar PV Cells
– Discovering solar PV and its uses.

And if you’re not a teacher don’t worry – they have also been designed for parents to do with their kids, so there is something for everyone here.