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Schoolgen supports all New Zealand teachers from Year 1 to 13 by providing engaging resources related to renewable energy, particularly solar energy, and energy-efficiency that link to the big pictures of sustainability and climate change.

Teacher Resources

The Teacher's Resource Table below provides an overview and access to all of the Schoolgen learning resources that range from English to Mathematics, with particularly strong links to the Science and other STEM learning areas.

The vision of Genesis Energy’s Schoolgen programme is to provide teachers and students with the knowledge tools to become actively involved citizens able to contribute to the well-being of New Zealand and the planet.

The Values and Principles of ecological sustainability and future focus are particularly well- embodied by these learning resources, as are many of the Key Competencies such as using language, symbols and texts, thinking, and participating and contributing.

Solar Electricity Generation Data

A unique feature of Schoolgen is access to the large database of electricity generation reported from each schools photovoltaic panels. This data is available as graphs on the website, or as excel files down-loaded for processing in a spread-sheet. Please see the Level 3-4 activity - Graphing Real World Solar Energy Data in Excel.

The solar data is an invaluable resource for investigating patterns and trends in solar energy in mathematics and science, as well as for getting an understanding of how much electricity solar PV panels can generate under NZ conditions.

The solar electricity generation at each school is linked to the solar radiation data from the nearest national weather station.

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