How Tuatara Use Energy From The Sun

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to describe the responses of Tuatara to temperature changes in their habitat.

Teaching Rationales

The students will complete a reading activity to learn how Tuatara respond to changes in their habitat.

Learning Areas, Strands, Achievement Objectives

1 - 2 Science

Living World
Life processes

  • Students will recognise that all living things have certain requirements so they cna stay alive.


  • Students will recognise that living things are suited to their particular habitat.

Nature Of Science
Investigating in science

  • Students will extend their experiences and personal explanations of the natural world through exploration, play, asking questions, and discussing simple models.
2 English

Listening, Reading, and Viewing and Speaking, Writing, and Presenting
Processes and strategies

  • Students will select and use sources of information, processes, and strategies with some confidence to identify, form and express ideas.